How to stay connected during a power outage

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Unlike copper connections, alarm systems and landlines connected to fibre won’t operate if the power is off. This means that during a power outage you won't be able to contact emergency 111 services using your landline unless you have a back-up power system. We recommend having a charged mobile phone available for emergencies.

Preparing for a power cut

Speak to your provider if you do not have a mobile phone (or if there are issues with mobile connection at your address). Your provider may recommend an independent power source for emergencies, such as a battery back-up for your landline.

Landline providers are required by law to ensure that vulnerable consumers can contact 111 in a power cut. Speak to your provider if you think that you, or someone else at your address, may have an increased reliance on 111.

Ask about a wireless alarm communicator

If you have an alarm and want to ensure it works in a power cut, ask your alarm provider about getting a wireless alarm communicator installed. This device simulates a landline using your fibre connection and/or can switch to a mobile network if no landline is available in the event of a power cut.

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