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As Chorus is the copper network owner and operator, we’ll be working closely with phone and broadband providers to make this transition off the copper network as smooth as possible.

The Copper Withdrawal Code

A Copper Withdrawal Code governs this process – it contains consumer protection requirements so that if you are affected by copper withdrawal you can:

  • understand the process
  • have a reasonable time to prepare
  • have information about switching to an alternative technology, like fibre
  • have a fibre service with similar functions installed before copper is withdrawn (if you choose to).

The Copper Withdrawal Code was developed by the Commerce Commission. We need to comply with the Code before we can switch off your copper services.

The notice process: what you can expect

In line with the Code, we will be giving you notice at different stages of the process.

First notice

You’ll receive a First Notice from us at least six months prior to the date that copper services will be withdrawn from your address. This notice will advise you the end of notice period date so you can plan your move to alternate services such as fibre. We’ll also provide information on how to move to fibre to keep your broadband, landline and any monitored alarm services connected.

Second Notice 

If you have not moved off copper following the First Notice, we will send you a Second Notice two-three months after the First Notice, encouraging you to move off copper to another technology before the end of the notice period.

Third Notice: Final Reminder

If you are still on copper, then we will send you a Third Notice: Final Reminder at least 30 days before the end of the notice period, advising you of the date when we will withdraw our copper services. If you place an order for fibre before the end of the notice period, we won’t withdraw your copper while we arrange your fibre install. If you don’t place a fibre order, we will withdraw your copper on the withdrawal date.

Continuation Notice

If we cannot withdraw copper at your address (for example because your fibre has not been installed) we will send you a Continuation Notice not more than 75 days after the end of the notice period, confirming that we will continue to supply copper at your address (although copper withdrawal may happen in future following a further notice period).

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