Councils and communities

With the UFB and RBI programmes well underway we are busier than ever in your community and it’s important we share our plans with the communities we will be working in. 

We do this by presenting to your local council and community/local boards about where we will be working and what that work will look like.  Working in your community with consideration, because it’s where you call home, really matters to us that we get it right. 

The work we do can sometimes mean we have to dig up streets, which can be messy work, so we want to let you know how long we will take and what to expect.

We work closely with councils and other utility companies to make sure wherever possible we align our work programmes to contribute to the ‘one dig’ policy most councils have in place. 

We have a lot of activities underway in communities everyday:

Smarter deployment of UFB

Rolling out Ultra-fast broadband is a large civils project which can be disruptive to your communities. We are looking at smarter and faster ways of deploying fibre to speed up the rollout and minimise disruption to residents and businesses.

This video shows some of the equipment and techniques we are evaluating including reduced cover trenching using a specially designed trencher called the RT100.

If you would like to discuss reduced cover trenching with us, send us an email

Shed the Light community meetings

" If you think a Shed the Light meeting would be beneficial for your community email us "

As service companies install fibre on our behalf in communities around New Zealand, there’s a lot of people, vehicles, equipment and activity on the streets.  We work hard to keep disruption to a minimum, but there’s just no way to get all that fibre in the ground without a little inconvenience along the way.

Nobody enjoys disruption in their neighbourhood but, rather like having builders in your home when you’re renovating, it’s a lot easier to put up with when you know what’s happening, how long it will take and what the improvement will be when it’s done. Those are just the kind of questions we aim to answer for locals at our Shed the Light community meetings. Along with providing insight into the benefits on a fibre-based broadband service.

Our anti-graffiti activities

" To report graffiti on a Chorus cabinet phone 0800 222 638 "

We have around 4,000 cabinets positioned on streets around the country. These play an essential part in delivering phone and broadband services to homes and business. Unfortunately in some areas these are seen as ideal spaces to tag.

As part of our antigraffiti activities we have a cabinet art programme where we work with local artists, communities and councils to turn our cabinets into works of art that can be enjoyed by residents.

If you are interested in finding out more about our cabinet art programme email us.

Tui & Kowhai, Stokes Valley
Playground, Western Heights

Experiencing a fault with your phone or broadband connection?

" Report all phone and broadband faults to your telecommunications service provider. "

It is really important to report all faults you experience with your phone and broadband connection to your telecommunications service provider. 

This will ensure that a technician is sent to fix the fault within the agreed timeframe and provides us with an accurate record of faults being reported.

Noisy phone line? Living in a rural area?

If you are experiencing a noisy phone line – clicking or the quality worsens when it rains, it could be an electric fence nearby is affecting your phone line. Find out more about the affect poorly installed electric fences have on rural phone services.

Avoiding cable cuts - dial before you dig

" Call 0800 B4U DIG (0800 248 344) to find out if there are any cables running under your site. Available from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday "

Most of our network is hidden underground which makes it vulnerable to cuts and breaks from earthwork activities. A cable cut means no phone or broadband services for residents and businesses - eftpos stops working, no internet access and no emergency calls can be delivered.

You can either request a plan or full on-site cable location assistance from a local Chorus service technician. Where high capacity cables are at risk, we offer a free ‘standover' service with our technician on site in an advisory role during excavation. You can also request plans or location or standover services by filling in the online form on the BeforeUdig website.

Did we get it wrong?

If you think we could have done things better, or we caused an issue in your neighbourhood, let us know. You can call or email us.

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