Connecting a new development

If you’re an electrician or builder working on a development connecting to the Chorus network, you may be involved in carrying out the inside boundary work to get it connected.

Before you get started, it’s important to check if there is existing network inside the development’s boundary. To find out, request an existing network plan from beforeUDig or call 0800 463 896 Opt 1. If there is existing network, you can find more details on how to have it removed here.

Once we’ve finished building our network to the boundary, it needs to be connected to the house through a lead-in pipe. You can purchase a lead-in pipe, also known as a 20mm green pipe, from any electrical wholesaler. For more information on trenching and installing the lead-in pipe, view our guide to lead-ins and trenching here.

Useful documents

Guide to installing fibre in MDUs

Helpful information on installing fibre in multi-dwelling units

Guide to wiring homes for fibre

A handy guide on how to wire homes for fibre broadband

Guide to lead-ins and trenching

Helpful information on trenching and installing the lead-in

As Builts Checklist

A handy checklist for what's required in your 'as builts'

Technical support documents

General fibre network guidelines (1.9 MB)
Guidelines for single-dwelling units and right-of-ways 01 (1.3 MB)
Guidelines for fibre installation in multi-dwelling units (1.5 MB)
Premises wiring standards (1.5 MB)