Guide to developing a new property

Design and build

When connecting any development to our fibre network, whether it’s one new house or 200 lots, our team will first create a design to map out where and how the fibre will be laid to your site.

This design may need to consider two different aspects depending on if work is required solely outside the development boundary or if work is needed inside the development boundary too. We can then arrange materials for your site if required and get the build underway.

Outside the development boundary

This includes areas that are publicly owned, such as roads already vested to council, which are outside the boundary of where you have authority to develop.

For every job request, we will identify the best way for Chorus to bring our network seamlessly from our central exchange building to your site. This aspect of the design can be quite complex with several factors needing to be considered:

  • what existing capacity we have in our network and what’s required to meet the service needs of your site
  • what the best combination of build methods for any network extension is, such as using existing poles or trenching
  • any complexities en route, such as bridges, railway lines or motorway crossings
  • whether we need to obtain approval from any third-party agencies for the works to proceed

This means even if your development only needs one new dwelling, the work we need to do outside your site may be quite complex. Timeframes for the work we need to do outside the development boundary will vary depending on the complexity of the work, which will be assessed following payment.

An illustration showing infrastructure inside and outside the development boundary.

Inside the development boundary

This includes all the area that you own or have access rights over.

In situations where our communal infrastructure will need to be extended within your development, such as where there is a new road(s), a right of way or a new multi-dwelling unit (MDU) being built, we will also complete a design for the work required to extend our fibre network within the site.

Once our service company has completed the design for any required work inside the development, a design plan will be available online for you to view.

This design will show you where you will need to provide trenches and where our materials will need to be installed. To accurately complete this design, there is specific information we need you to provide before you get started. If these documents haven’t been supplied, then you will be notified that the inside development design has been put on hold awaiting further information.

It’s important to be sure about the locations of the materials that are installed within your site, as the relocation of any installed equipment will be at the requestor’s expense.

Will I need to install materials within my development?

Whether you will need to install materials within your development or not really depends on what work is required. Once you have agreed to our terms and paid for the job, we will complete a detailed assessment of your request which will identify if you need to install any materials within your site.

This decision tree will help to give you an idea of whether you will need to install materials within your site.

design build decision tree

This is only intended to be used as a guide and does not factor in responsibilities if you have ordered open trench install or in-building cabling as an installation option. Once you have submitted your application, we will be able to confirm what work will be required for your specific site.

If your development requires the installation of communal infrastructure inside the development boundary, then the designer from our service company will discuss with you what materials will be needed once the design has been completed.

We will supply many of the materials you’ll need and in most instances those materials can be picked up from our service company depots, unless you’ve opted to have us deliver the materials to you. If you’re picking them up though, it’s best to use a Hiab truck as our duct comes in large drums or 6m lengths, depending upon your requirements.

It’s important you update your trench and building dates in your online account, so that we know when you are aiming to install the materials. We can usually have the materials ready within 1-2 weeks as long as the design is already completed.

If your development has individual connections from the boundary to each premises, then you will need to lay a 20mm (minimum internal diameter) green lead-in pipe from the access point on the boundary to each dwelling prior to getting pre-built fibre or a connected service via your internet service provider. Our guide to lead-ins and trenching outlines what you need to do.

An image of a table. Sorry, this should be a real table so it's actually accessible.

Things to keep in mind

  • Any items not supplied by Chorus are the responsibility of the developer and/or their contractors to source and install.
  • Usually Chorus will supply the ETP, however if an ETP is required earlier, then it can be purchased from an electrical wholesaler or Hexatronic.
  • You can purchase 20mm green lead-in pipe directly from an electrical wholesaler, making sure it comes with a draw-tape to guide the Chorus network through the pipe. Otherwise, you can enquire about obtaining 20mm green pipe via Chorus

Materials delivery and installation services options

If your site requires materials installed inside the development boundary (other than the 20mm green lead-in pipe), then you can choose to take up one of our delivery and installation services as outlined below:

Materials delivery

We will deliver all the Chorus materials to your site, ready for you to install. 

Open trench install

Open trench install is where we will deliver and install the duct into a trench that you have prepared. You are still responsible for the reinstatement of the trench. 

In-building cabling

This service cabling is specifically for the inside of multi-dwelling buildings, like apartments or retail complexes. Once your framing is all up, we will deliver and install the materials inside the building, from the comms room to each tenancy.

There are more specifications for these services in the Policies document which accompanies the NPD Contract

The build

Once the design is completed for the work outside your development boundary, our service company will begin bringing our network to your site. If we encounter any unexpected delays, we’ll let you know.

If your development also has reticulation work required inside the site, you can update your trench and build timings via your online account, and we will work in with your schedule where possible. Please make sure to provide us at least 15 working days notice so we can try to schedule you in - we do not offer a priority service. If at the end of your installation you have any excess materials left over, then you’ll need to let us know and arrange to get these back to us.

Please ensure that you read your contract with us to clearly understand what is required of you as well as our technical requirements documents to ensure you know how to complete those responsibilities, especially around trenching.