The easement process

Check if our network already exists at your development
Request an existing network plan from beforeUDig or call 0800 463 896 Opt 1, to identify if, and where, the Chorus network is already in place at your planned site.
Contact us if there is existing network at your development
If there is existing network, contact us so we can assess the potential impact of your development on our network, and decide whether your development can continue as planned or if our network needs to be removed or relocated.
Remove or relocate our existing network (if needed)
If the network needs to be removed or relocated to allow the development to proceed, contact us on 0800 4 NETWORK (0800 463 896 Opt 3) to get this actioned.
The easements are created
Once your development is completed, our team will contact you for your draft Land Title Plans. The Land Titles need to confirm the development in line with your original scheme plans. Any easements required need to be identified as an Easement in Gross in favour of Chorus New Zealand Limited. We require an easement width of 1.5m either side of the materials.
Send us required forms and final Land Title Plan
Your solicitor will need to complete the Authority and Instruction Form and Easement Instrument form. These can be uploaded along with the final Land Title Plan for your development through the online portal (download an example land title plan). Contact can also be made at
Easement finalised and sent to you
The completed documentation will be emailed back to you within 7 working days of receiving the required documentation from your solicitor. A processing fee for the easement of $475 (+GST) will be payable either through the online portal, or by invoice.

Useful documents

Guide to wiring homes for fibre

A handy guide on how to wire homes for fibre broadband

Guide to lead-ins and trenching

Helpful information on trenching and installing the lead-in

Authority Instruction Form

To be completed by your solicitor when finalising easements

Easement Instrument Form

To be completed by your solicitor when finalising easements

Technical support documents

General fibre network guidelines (1.9 MB)
Guidelines for single-dwelling units and right-of-ways 01 (1.3 MB)
Guidelines for fibre installation in multi-dwelling units (1.5 MB)
Premises wiring standards (1.5 MB)