There are two types of MDU developments

An existing MDU

If you are renovating an MDU and require no change in the number of connections, simply contact your broadband provider to get connected.

A new MDU

If you are building or completely refurbishing an MDU that will require new connections, please follow the steps below.

Getting your MDU development connected:


It’s easy to register, simply complete our online registration form here, or call us on 0800 SUB DVN (0800 782 386 Opt 1). Before you get in touch with us, take a look at our checklist to make sure you have all of the information you need to register.

Quote and Contract
Based on the location, development complexity and the number of connections requested, we’ll assess the work required and provide a quote and contract for installing broadband and voice services within your development. The contract will provide details of what we intend to do at your development, along with any actions that are your responsibility. Both the quote and contract are valid for 90 days.
By signing and returning the contract to us, you:
  1. accept the quote and agree to provide full payment within 30 days of acceptance
  2. agree to the planned work that will be carried out
  3. let us know you understand our health and safety requirements. Your safety and the safety of our technicians onsite are important to us
Design and Build
Once we’ve received your signed contract and payment we will design and build the network in line with your development’s scheme plan. The design will outline the telecommunications infrastructure and architecture required to build our network to your development. To find out more about installing fibre within your development, take a look at our handy brochure here.
Clearance Letter

When your installation work is completed, you’ll need to provide us with your ‘as-built’ plans (the materials you’ve installed at your site), and your Land Title plans that you’re submitting to your local council. Find out more about ‘as-builts’ here.

Once all build and quality assurance testing is completed and passed we will provide you with a clearance letter. A clearance letter is usually requested by your local council before you can receive your Completion of Resource Consent Conditions (224c Certification).

We’ll also update our records within 20 working days of this clearance letter being issued so that your development’s new occupants can request services from their broadband provider.

Ongoing repairs and maintenance of the network remains our responsibility once the network has been installed and commissioned.

In your clearance letter we will provide a date for when you (or the new occupants) can place an order with your broadband or phone provider to get your new telecommunication services up and running.

Useful documents

Guide to wiring homes for fibre

A handy guide on how to wire homes for fibre broadband

Guide to lead-ins and trenching

Helpful information on trenching and installing the lead-in

Guide to installing fibre in MDUs

Helpful information on installing fibre in multi-dwelling units

MDU Checklist

What you'll need before contacting us about your development

Technical support documents

General fibre network guidelines (1.9 MB)
Guidelines for single-dwelling units and right-of-ways 01 (1.3 MB)
Guidelines for fibre installation in multi-dwelling units (1.5 MB)
Premises wiring standards (1.5 MB)