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Guide to developing a new property

Answers to common pre-application questions

What do you have a query about? Choose one of the following topics.

Cost, timeframes and required information

Proper planning is a key step in any development. If you’re just not sure where to start, we’ve created an overview of our process so you can be well informed.

Can I get an indication of what it will cost?

The cost depends on several factors outlined on the before you get started page. The best way to get a cost indication is to enter a few details as part of an initial quote application.

What information do I need to supply?

We will ask for different information at different steps in the process. For more details, check out the before you get started page. In most cases we can provide a quote after just a few basic details about your development.

How long will it take?

There are a number of factors which influence how long each job will take and depend on the requirements of your specific request. We’ve provided an overview of how long we will take to complete various tasks on the before you get started page.

The quotation process and payments

When you’re ready to proceed with your development request, we have a simple to use online system to submit a request, agree to the terms and complete payment. You can read more on our quote and agree page.

Can I download a quote for the Council or bank?

Yes, you can. And because you will have a Chorus account, you can come back at any time to access the quote or proceed to agree and pay.

Will it cost me anything to get a quote?

No, there is no cost for you to get a quote from us.

What terms will I be agreeing to?

You can download a copy of the standard New Property Development contract terms.

Fibre installation design and build process

There’s some great information available in the design and build section which is available for you to read or pass on to your contractors via any of our useful documents.

How long will it take you to complete the build?

Once you have agreed and paid, we will complete a detailed assessment of your request and provide an update on your job. We will try to work in with your development timings so it is important to update your key dates.

Will I need to do any of the work?

As part of our assessment, we will let you know if you will need to do anything inside your development as part of our agreement. You can try to assess this for yourself by using this decision tree.

I’m just building one new house, surely it should be simple?

You might think your development is simple, however the work required to get our network to your site can be very complex, even for a small development. That's why you should always give us ample notice before you need our network in place.

Clearance and easements

Have a read through our clearance and easements section for more information about what’s required for getting the Chorus clearance letter.

Can I just get a clearance letter without having to sign-up?

All developments need to go through the quote and agree step before we can assess your development requirements against our network. We will provide a Chorus clearance Letter as soon as your obligations have been met.

Why do I have to provide Land Title plans?

We compare the Land Title plan against the scheme plans you provided, to ensure the development we are providing clearance for is what we have designed and built for. It also outlines any required easements.

Why do I have to provide easements?

Chorus needs to protect our access rights for any maintenance or upgrade work we may need to do to our network in the future.

Pre-built fibre and getting a connected service

When you develop with Chorus, we can pre-install fibre in each individual dwelling, making it quick and easy for occupants to get connected on a fibre broadband plan when they move in. More details are outlined in our preparing to connect section.

When do I need to contact Chorus for pre-built fibre?

When your development is nearing the final stages of construction and is nearing the gibbing stage, please check through our guide to getting pre-built fibre installed to make sure you’ve got everything ready and then complete our pre-built fibre order form.

Where can I get the 20mm green lead-in pipe?

You can purchase 20mm green lead-in pipe directly from an electrical wholesaler, making sure it comes with a draw-tape to guide the Chorus network through the pipe. Otherwise, you can enquire about obtaining 20mm green pipe via Chorus.

What internal wiring do you recommend?

Cat6 Ethernet cable is the industry standard for internal wiring. Our technical requirements for premises wiring explain how to ensure your premises is set up for the future.

Working near our network

Chorus network is not just on poles, it’s mostly underground. Before undertaking any work on site, you should always find out where any existing utilities are located. Read more in the working near our network section.

How do I know if Chorus’ existing network is within my site?

You can visually scan for network above the ground, but please visit BeforeUdig to find out how to request underground plans or a site mark-out.

What if I accidentally damage your network?

Firstly keep yourself and the site safe. Then please report it as soon as possible, either by filling in this online form or calling 0800 4 NETWORK (0800 463 896, select option 2).

Who do I contact at Chorus to have my network moved?

You can let us know when you submit a development request, or call us on 0800 463 896 then select option three and we’ll look into this with you.

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