Pre-built fibre

Pre-built fibre provides a seamless experience for your customers by pre-connecting fibre before they move in. This is currently available to larger developments with multiple connections. Please ask if this is available for your new property development when you register with us here.

Make it easy

With fibre pre-connected, you can market and sell new homes as “fibre ready”. It also means faster connection times for broadband, and a better experience for your new occupants. We provide this service at no cost.

We’ll work with you during the final stages of construction to have fibre pre-installed all the way to the optical network terminal (ONT) in each new premise. The ONT is a small device that connects the fibre that has been wired outside the premise, to the modem.

The benefits

Your customers will be ready to connect to fibre broadband the day they move in

No additional technician site visits required to connect broadband at each premises

Market and sell your homes as “fibre ready”

Useful documents

Guide to wiring homes for fibre

A handy guide on how to wire homes for fibre broadband

Guide to lead-ins and trenching

Helpful information on trenching and installing the lead-in

As Builts checklist

A handy checklist for what's required in your 'as builts'