Guide to developing a new property

Preparing to connect

We want it to be quick and easy for your new occupants to get connected to our great fibre broadband, so we offer pre-built fibre for any new dwelling that you build. You will also need to ensure there is a route for our network into the dwelling, a location for our network to terminate, and internal wiring within the dwelling, to ensure the best set-up for the end-users. Don't worry – we've explained all of this below as well as in more detail in some useful documents.

What is pre-built fibre?

Pre-built fibre is where we install a fibre network box called an ONT, or optical network terminal, inside each dwelling or premises and connect it to our network. The ONT will be tested to ensure everything works.

When the new occupants move in, they just have to contact their internet service provider to activate the fibre broadband connection - no further technician visits are required.

How can I order pre-built fibre?

As part of your quote, you will be offered pre-built fibre if it is appropriate for your type of development. You can select this as a free add-on to your quote. When your development is nearing the final stages of construction, ideally before you’re at the gibbing and painting stage, there are a few things you need to have completed before we can carry out the pre-built fibre installation work:

  • your electrician has correctly installed power sockets. See our premises wiring technical requirements guide for details (PDF)
  • power must be available to the premises (can be temporary for when the technician arrives)
  • addresses for your new properties have been advised by your local council
  • for multi-dwelling units (MDUs), you have completed the fibre installation throughout the rest of the building as per the MDU technical requirements document (PDF).
  • for single dwelling units (SDUs), you’ll need to ensure the underground 20mm green lead-in pipe is installed from the boundary to the outside of the dwelling, as well as an internal conduit from there to the home distributor hub. See our guides to lead-ins and trenching (PDF) and wiring homes for fibre (PDF) for more details.

Once you have all of that ready, you'll need to complete our pre-built fibre order form and email it back to us at We’ll aim to process your request within 10 working days.

What is a home distributor hub?

This is a networking hub (also known as a star wiring box) that is attached to, or recessed into, an internal wall in the dwelling.

We will install the optical network terminal (ONT) inside this box, terminating the fibre that has been brought in from outside the dwelling. There needs to be power available for the ONT and any other devices you decide to install inside the home distribution hub, such as a modem or alarm. This is also the centralised location where any internal wiring that has been installed within the dwelling will be connected to the relevant device.

Learn moreDownload our technical requirements for premises wiring guide (PDF)

What internal wiring do you recommend?

There are benefits to having a wired connection from the optical network terminal (ONT) location throughout the new dwelling; it allows the modem to be installed elsewhere in the dwelling, such as in the lounge, or for a computer to be plugged in, rather than relying on a wifi signal.

To get a good wifi experience, install ethernet access points to any devices that do not move. This will leave your wifi capacity for the mobile devices within your premises.

The basic wiring standard is CAT6 ethernet which is good for 100Gbps. Chorus is part of the NZ Telecommunications Forum which publish guidelines for wiring your home on their website.

How do I get connected?

Once we have ticked the boxes on all the requirements for clearance, we will let you know when connections can occur. The new occupants will then need to contact their chosen broadband provider to order a service:

  • if you go through the pre-built fibre process, then our equipment is already setup inside the new premises and so the connection can be activated remotely
  • if pre-built fibre hasn’t been ordered, then the internet service provider will organise one of our techs to come out and physically complete the connection into the premises for the occupant.

To help the service requests run smoothly, please provide us a list of the new address(es) that will be allocated to the new premises. Having the new addresses in the system will make it much easier when the new occupants request service.

What if this is a commercial or retail development?

We need to consider these developments on a case-by-case approach and work with you to identify the best location for the ONT. We will also work with you to figure out the best timing to complete this work as we want to avoid costly, timely and unsightly rework to amend any network if it doesn’t suit the new tenants needs. Note the relocation of any installed equipment is at the requestor’s expense.

If the occupier needs a dedicated or diverse fibre connection, the tenant can request this through their chosen internet service provider. There may be additional costs which can only be determined once their request is made.