The Chorus difference

At Chorus, we’re broadband network specialists having maintained and run telecommunications infrastructure for decades. Over that time, we’ve connected countless retirement villages, office buildings, shopping malls and a full range of residential typologies, from apartments to stand-alone homes.

This experience ensures whatever the new property development process throws up whether it’s topography or planning related challenges, we have the capability and expertise to deliver.

Greater reach

Greater reach

Chorus has the largest reach of any network operator, bringing fibre to more places than anyone else. So, if you’re working on multiple locations, you’ll only have to deal with the one party.

World class network

World class network

We design our fibre broadband network to the highest standards and only use quality equipment from recognized global vendors, such as Nokia.

More customer choice

More customer choice

Unlike some network operators, we partner with all 80+ players in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market. This means your customers will be able to take full advantage of the wide array of deals and incentives on offer.

New Zealand runs on fibre

We might be biased but real estate agents agree - not only will fibre increase the value of your property, it’s a drawcard for attracting future tenants.

With commercial buildings increasingly needing to be smarter, providing better energy and resource efficiency, adding high-speed fibre is a great way to make that happen while increasing asset value.

66% of Kiwi households now connected to fibre, with the figure even higher in Auckland (76%). Demand for reliable, high-capacity broadband continues to grow, with about 20 per cent of fibre customers now opting for a gigabit connection.

  • A drawcard for buyers and tenants
  • Increasing asset value
  • Demand for fast internet
  • Future proofed internet

Future-proofed internet

The beauty of our newly built fibre network is the physical properties of fibre allow us to improve capacity as consumers data needs grow. In 2019, we launched Hyperfibre , giving kiwis broadband download speeds up to 8000 Mbps. In late 2021 we tripled download speeds on our most popular residential and business fibre connections. Upgrades like these mean whatever the digital lifestyle we lead in the future, the internet needs of your occupiers and tenants will be catered for.

Our process: what you need to know

Whether you’re subdividing or planning a large-scale property development, we’ll work with you to create a customised design and build solution to bring our world class fibre network to your site. Read our overview of each step and what you can expect.

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