Hyperfibre is our latest in fibre broadband technology

Coming in three different plan options, 2,000Mbps, 4,000Mbps and 8,000Mbps*, combined with incredibly low latency, it’s the perfect addition to your gaming set up.

* The 8,000Mbps service is also widely available but just not in as many regions as the other Hyperfibre services. To find out what’s available in your area click here.

More capacity

When playing online with Hyperfibre, you’ve got loads of bandwidth to play with. That means everyone in your household can do all the video calling, streaming and internetting they want, and your gameplay won't be affected. With Cloud gaming more widely available now too, you’ll benefit from that additional capacity to handle the extra data loads.

Better streaming experience

Hyperfibre is a game changer when you are downloading major game patches, streaming or broadcasting games. Even better is that you can do all of these critical activities at the same time - even if others in your household are doing their thing online too.

It’s fast. Like really fast.

With entry level Hyperfibre services* being 7x faster than standard fibre broadband (and up to 25x faster on the 8,000Mbps service) you’ll have plenty of speed to help with gameplay and for when you’re downloading games.

Incredibly low latency and jitter

Lag or high latency is literally a killer when you’re gaming as it slows down your response times, while high jitter can make movements feel “choppy”. A broadband speed test result with Hyperfibre shows low latency (1ms ping), incredibly low jitter (less than 0.1ms) and zero packet loss**. That means you get an incredibly consistent, reliable and predictable experience.

* The entry level service reference above refers to a Hyperfibre 2,000 service which has estimated national peak time average download/upload speeds of 2,000Mbps/2,000Mbps to the premises. This is approximately 7x faster than a standard Home Fibre 300 connection which has estimated national peak time average download/upload speeds of 315Mbps/110Mbps to the premises.

** Chorus internal testing, Nov 2022.

Got game?

Hyperfibre is ultra-fast fibre broadband. Its huge bandwidth capacity allows everyone in your household to be online at the same time, without having an impact on your gaming performance. Enjoy fast download speeds, minimal lag and interruption-free gaming. Once you have Hyperfibre you can’t blame your connection anymore, so you’ll now need better excuses. See what eBlack Joshua ‘JMK’ King has to say about it while playing in the Chorus Fibre Lab.

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