First step: laying fibre in your street

Chorus is managing the lion’s share of the ultra-fast fibre broadband network build. The size of the job means the rollout across the country is staggered, and we’re working suburb by suburb, town by town to deliver better broadband to New Zealanders.


Getting you connected

The installation process starts when you place an order for fibre with your broadband provider. Then, we begin our ABC installation process – ABC stands for agree, build and connect. However, every property is unique, so the steps involved in getting you connected may vary. Once we have your order, we can discuss the installation process specific to your place in more detail.

Agree your install plan

We’ll come to your place to talk through the work required and will agree a plan which you’ll sign. This covers everything we need to do to get you connected to fibre.

Build your fibre

We build the fibre from the street to a small box on the outside of your house called an external termination point. You don’t need to be home but we’ll need to be able to reach you by phone.

Connect to our network

We then connect the fibre to another small box called the optical network terminal (or ONT) inside your house. You will need to be home for this visit as we’ll be working inside.

Installing fibre at home - the ABC process


Next step: ordering fibre

Once fibre has been laid in your street, high speed broadband is at your fingertips - find out more about ordering a new fibre connection.


Ultra-fast broadband is coming to 200,000 homes

We're working with Crown Infrastructure Partners to extend New Zealand’s network. Learn more about our UFB2 initiative.


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