Our Network Capability Map

This map shows what broadband services our network can support, and planned services including ultra-fast broadband.  It's indicative only, so you’ll need to talk to your service provider to confirm what actual services you can get.

To use the map:

  • Enter your address below and click on the search button
  • Click on ‘Layers’ on the top right drop down box to view what capability you’re looking for
  • Scroll to the bottom of the map to find out your network capability
  • Check out the additional information at the bottom of the page for more on factors that might affect your service capability.

About our network capability map:

  • The dates and locations of our roll out are indicative as they are subject to some change and we have provided them to you on an information only basis.  You should not rely on this information without talking to your telecommunications service provider.
  • This gives you Chorus network capability, so you need a service provider that offers services over the Chorus network. Your service provider will undertake a prequalification to confirm service availability.
  • Following an upgrade it is possible that some older modem types might have connectivity issues.  Please contact your service provider if you have problems following an upgrade.
  • The services and speeds that you get will depend on your service provider.
  • The experience you get is subject to some factors which is worth bearing in mind.  This includes distance from the exchange or cabinet,  home wiring, age of your computer, operating system, your modem and broadband plan.

We have a help page if you are having problems using the map. Any questions - email us