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How to set your office up with an internet connection you can rely on


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How to set your office up with an internet connection you can rely on

A fast, reliable internet connection can unlock your business’ potential while a slow, unstable connection will hold you back. To help you get the most out of your internet at work here's a list of essential basics to help you choose the right gear and fix any problems with your existing setup.

Choosing the essentials

The most important piece of equipment for any internet connection is the router but navigating tech features can be confusing, so what should you look for?

  • Make sure your router is a wifi 6 router (this is the latest tech which supports the fastest wireless speeds and offers the most connected devices).
  • Choose a good quality brand like Asus, Netgear or TP-link. The benefits of choosing a well-known brand are you tend to get a better-quality device (lasts longer, performs better), better and more secure device firmware (security is very important) and ongoing firmware updates/ security patches etc - something along these lines.
  • Ensure your router is rated to handle the speed of your fibre broadband. This ‘rating’ is known as throughput speed and refers to the connection speed that your router is equipped for.

Last of all, you need to ensure that whatever router you choose has the capacity to service your office based on its size and layout. The signal strength is very important depending on how big your office is, so you may want to buy a router with a number of antennas if you have a large space to cover.

Positioning your router

To ensure a reliable connection, good wifi speed and consistent coverage it’s worth putting a little thought into router placement. It should be in a central location in an open space (e.g. not a cupboard!) elevated from the ground.

You should also try to pick a location away from obstructions, other electronics and large metal objects - these can block your signal and create dead spots. 

Setting up your network

If you have a large office or one that’s spread over multiple levels, a single router may not be able to provide an internet connection throughout the entire space. Mesh routers are an easy solution.

As the name suggests, mesh routers are comprised of several devices that you can connect throughout your space, vastly improving your wifi coverage.

Providing security

Your business’ internet needs to be secure to keep customer data and financial information safe. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Choose a router that includes a solid built-in firewall that doesn’t slow internet speed.
  • Consider a router that can enable content filtering to prevent your employees from accessing potentially harmful websites.
  • Always choose a strong password for your wifi. A random word with capital letters, special characters and numbers over 12 letters is best.

You should also consider having a separate network and password for guest access if necessary.

Get better business broadband

The most important part of setting up your internet is selecting the right connection for the job and when it comes to doing business there’s only one - business fibre. These types of connections have a number of unique benefits that can really make a difference:

The end result? Your business fibre connection supercharges productivity, and gets rid of problems that can lead to customer and employee complaints. You can expand, take on high profile projects and plan big!

Ready to get the fibre connection your businesses deserves? Find out what’s available at your address here.

Already on fibre? Make sure you have the right plan for your business today!

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