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Internet sluggish? Boost your WiFi


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Internet sluggish? Boost your WiFi

Is your broadband humming away in the lounge but a bit slow in the bedroom or home office? It may be that your WiFi needs a boost. Mesh systems such as Netgear Orbi or Ubiquiti mesh are the latest and greatest way to turbo-charge your home WiFi.

Mesh is a series of devices that work together to spread the wireless signal from your modem evenly throughout your home. That means you get a quality connection no matter where in the house you are. A mesh router picks up the signal from your main modem, and sends it to your device, or to another mesh hotspot and then onto whatever you’re accessing the Internet from, whichever is closer. Mesh systems are reported to be superior to traditional WiFi extenders as they are much easier to use (generally using a smartphone app), and deliver a stronger signal.

With everything from watches to fridges connecting to the Internet these days, a good WiFi connection in every room is becoming more important. Here’s four reasons why you may want to consider installing a mesh system to improve your home broadband experience.

You have a large or odd shaped house

Gone are the days of the square house on a quarter acre. These days our houses are all sorts of shapes. A normal modem will generally cover an area up to 279 square metres. However, your modem will distribute a signal evenly from wherever it’s located so unless you put it bang in the middle of your home and it’s a perfect square, there may be rooms that get a weaker signal.

You have solid internal walls

If your home’s internal walls are brick or concrete, that’s kryptonite for WiFi as the signal will struggle to transmit through the solid structures. But if you have more hotspots sending out a signal in different parts of your house, as you do with a mesh system, there’s a high chance of a strong signal getting into every room without, literally, hitting the wall.

Your primary modem is away from the action

We generally recommend you have your modem installed near your entertainment units so you can connect Internet-heavy devices like your television straight into your modem. But sometimes that isn’t possible or you may have multiple areas in your home that use Internet-heavy equipment. That’s particularly the case if the kids gaming in their rooms, you working in the home office and your partner watching a Netflix marathon in the lounge is a usual evening at your place.

You want to use your broadband connection outside

If you want to watch the game or listen to your favourite Spotify playlist while you sit beside the pool, do the lawns or tinker in the shed, a mesh system may be for you. Just put a unit somewhere close and you’re good to go.

Along with your broadband connection, your WiFi is the command centre of your broadband experience so it pays to get your setup right. Take a look at our tips on simple things you can do to get the best from your home WiFi. And if your WiFi needs a boost, have a chat to your electronics retailer to see whether a mesh system will ensure your online experience is as spot on as your broadband connection.

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