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Plug in your data hungry devices

Consider plugging-in your data-hungry devices

If you regularly use devices which demand lots of bandwidth like your smart TV, computer, or gaming console, it may be worth considering plugging these devices directly into your modem using an ethernet cable. If you’re the only one using the wifi, this may not be an issue, but if you have a busy household with other data hungry activities happening, it can cause everything to slow down. Plugging in devices such as these will help free up the wifi connection for the rest of the home.   

Renovating? It's a good time to install an ethernet cable

If you’re renovating your home and have your walls exposed, this would be the optimal time to consider running ethernet cabling throughout your entire home. Ask your electrician to feed the ethernet cable through the walls into a jack point which you can then plug your devices into. Think about the key areas you may need these jack points; it could be your living room for the smart TV or gaming console, your home office for your computer or even the bedrooms and kitchen if you’re keen to future-proof.

As appliances get more data hungry you never know what the future holds, and you’ll likely want a connection in rooms you wouldn’t think of now. The desire to have more appliances and devices plugged straight into your connection using fixed wiring (ethernet cabling) is likely to increase.

If you’ve considered all your wiring options and decided they may not be for you, there’s always mesh systems as an alternative way to supercharge your home wifi setup.