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Is your internet's upload speed slowing down your business?


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Is your internet's upload speed slowing down your business?

Have you ever had a video call freeze, a file take hours to upload to the cloud, or a backup stop halfway through? These frustrating problems could be caused by your broadband’s slow upload speeds. But, why are your upload speeds so slow?

Upload speed is the rate at which you can send data from your device to another device on the internet - and if you’re on the wrong broadband plan slow speeds could be choking your productivity. Let's take a closer look at the impact this can have on your business and what you can do to fix it

Video calling and conferencing

Back in December 2019, Zoom handled around 10 million calls a day but after COVID hit in April 2020 that number increased to over 300 million. The trend is continuing too - by 2024 75% of meetings will be held on Zoom and platforms like it, according to management consulting firm Gartner.

As their popularity has increased, video call resolution and quality keeps improving too, which requires more and more bandwidth to provide a richer visual experience. Residential broadband connections tend to have high download but limited upload speed. This means being on a connection more designed for business use is more important than ever, since you don't want to max out your upload and have those calls suffer.

Your calls may drop out halfway through, audio and video may be glitchy and unclear, making it challenging to meet virtually.

File transfers

Every day roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created and shared on the internet. (By the way, a quintillion has 18 zeros).

Like most businesses, yours probably contributes to this stupendous figure by transferring large files every day. This includes uploading videos, document packs, or as part of automatic cloud-back-ups.

When sending files like these you’ll need an internet connection with a decent upload speed. This is because having too many people trying to send files and not enough upload bandwidth can lead to a slow and painful experience for everyone. This all can be avoided with the right plan.

Automatic backups

Your business probably stores a large amount of important data. Whatever that data is, if it were to be lost or damaged you would most likely waste time and money and your business may even suffer reputation damage. That’s why back-ups are so important.

And if you don't have enough upload speed, your cloud back-ups will not only take a long time, but also make everything painfully slow for everyone else trying to work online while they happen. Imagine trying to send a file only for it to be crawling at 100Kbps because the cloud back-up is happening in the background. Not a fun time.

Working in the cloud

The cloud enables remote business collaboration that’s instantaneous, seamless and cost effective. In fact, countless business platforms and softwares use cloud technology, from Xero, to Google Drive and DropBox.

When using most of these cloud systems you’re uploading - therefore your upload speed matters. As indicated above, the consequences of not having enough upload is not only can the cloud based platforms become difficult to use, it can also make any other activity being carried out in the office that requires connectivity slow and painful. And that’s when productivity and teamwork suffer too.

What’s the solution? How can you improve very slow upload speeds?

Frustrating problems like glitchy video calls and slow file transfers can reduce your business’ productivity and cause frustrating problems. Luckily the solution is simple - an internet connection with faster upload speeds.

Unlike most residential plans Business fibre connections have the same speeds for both download and upload and if you go with a Business Hyperfibre connection you can choose from impressive upload speed options of 2000, 4000 and 8000 Mbps. That extra upload oomph is great for business as it means super clear video calls, lightning fast remote collaboration and increased productivity.


Sounds good to you? Check out all the other benefits of Business fibre and see if you can get it at your address today.

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