If you don’t currently have a broadband service or want to compare plans

Contact a service provider to activate your fibre connection and set yourself up with a fibre broadband plan.

There are more than 100 fibre broadband service providers with a range of competitively priced plans to suit all households and budgets (some unlimited fibre plans start from just $59 a month*).

If you need help choosing, you can compare plans and providers at comparison sites like Broadband Compare or Younicorn. You can also call the help team at Broadband Compare on 0800 000 305, they can talk you through your options and help you activate your fibre connection.

* Source broadbandcompare.co.nz (October 2022)

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If you already have a broadband service and are looking to upgrade to fibre

Get in contact with your broadband provider and:

  1. Ask for a fibre broadband service
  2. Let them know that a fibre network connection is already installed (ie you already have a fibre box /ONT)
  3. Let them know of any landlines or alarm systems that rely on your current broadband service
  4. Select a fibre broadband plan (We recommend plans with speeds of 300Mbps or more for the best online experience)
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Making sure your landlines will still work

If you have just one landline phone, you can usually plug this into your broadband router or modem once your fibre connection is activated.

If you have multiple landline phones in multiple rooms that are plugged into the jack point in the wall, you’ll need something called integrated wiring to make them work. You can request this from your broadband service provider who will organise a technician to visit you.

How does fibre performance compare to other broadband network technologies like copper and 4G/5G wireless?

According to independent reporting, fibre as a technology, outperforms other connection types on a range of measures. Want to know more? Check out Measuring Broadband NZ’s dashboard.

Learn more about the best broadband option for you, or read our explainer on broadband performance to understand how broadband is delivered, how it's measured and what can affect your experience at home.

Getting the best performance from fibre broadband

Once you’ve moved to a fibre broadband service, there’s a few things to take into consideration to make sure you’re getting the best internet speeds possible.

It can be as simple as updating or moving your WiFi modem or using wired connections like ethernet.

Learn more about getting the best home WiFi experience

Locate your fibre box (ONT)

The fibre box (sometimes referred to as Chorus Optical Network Terminal, or ONT) is a small white box that will be placed on your internal wall (likely somewhere discreet). It connects to the fibre that has been wired to the outside of your house.

Types of ONTs

If the property has been recently renovated or subdivided, then records may incorrectly show that you have fibre installed. You can check if our address records indicate you have fibre installed on our Broadband Checker. When you order, let your RSP know that the records are incorrect and that you will need an install.

Faulty or missing fibre box or power cables

If you think your fibre box may be faulty – e.g. the lights are not showing despite being plugged in at the wall – you can follow some steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Help with making sure the fibre box is working properly

If the fibre box has a fault or is missing, contact your broadband provider and we will work with them to resolve this.

Make sure your fibre box is connected to an undamaged power cable and turned on at the wall.

The power cable should look like the image below and be in good condition. Please do not plug any other power cable into the fibre box – this can damage it.

ONT plug

You should only use the power cable we’ve provided for your fibre box. If you need a new one, provide us with your details below and we will courier you a new replacement cable for free. Depending on where you are, this should get to you within two to four business days.

Order a replacement power cable

Moving or relocating my fibre box

If you would like to change where your fibre box is located inside your house, you can request this through your broadband provider. Note, that there is a cost for this.

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