Shop around for a plan to suit you

Chorus provides wholesale access to the fibre network to over 100 internet providers, which means there are a range of competitive plans to suit any budget or data demands.

If you'd like to learn more about available plans check out comparison sites like broadbandcompare.co.nz or glimp.co.nz which show what's available at your address.

Alternatively, call Broadband Compare on 0800 000 305 and they'll walk you through your options.


Activate your fibre connection

Once you’ve chosen your broadband provider and decided on the type of fibre plan to suit you – simply give your provider a call to get connected.

Tips for when you contact your broadband provider:

1. When you order, make sure to mention you already have fibre installed and only need to activate your connection.

2. You need to decide on a plan. We recommend fibre plans with speeds of 100Mbps or more and unlimited data for the best online experience.

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Questions and answers

How does the cost of fibre compare with other broadband types?

Unlimited fibre plans start from as little as $64.95 a month. Right now, there are over 100 different fibre providers across New Zealand which means competitive prices across the board. To find a fibre plan to suit your budget, check out comparison sites like broadbandcompare.co.nz or glimp.co.nz.

How does fibre compare with other broadband technologies?

Fibre is New Zealand's preferred internet choice with more than 1 in 3 Kiwis connected to the fibre network. According to a recent Commerce Commision report - fibre outperforms other connection types on a range of criteria including speed and consistency. With far more bandwidth than ADSL and VDSL, and none of the latency issues that fixed wireless can suffer from - fibre is the most reliable broadband for things like gaming, TV streaming and video conferencing.

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How can I switch my landline and alarm system over to fibre?

When you upgrade to fibre broadband, if you have a landline or alarm system you rely on, there are a few actions you need to take to get them switched over as well. The key thing you need to know – tell your landline and alarm provider in advance so they can take care of it for you.

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Can my fibre be activated if I’m renting?

If you're renting and fibre has already been installed at the property, the decision to connect to a fibre plan is entirely up to you. It’s also worth noting that recent tenancy law changes have made it simpler for renters to get fibre installed in the first place too.

How to get fibre broadband for rental properties

How can I make the most of my fibre connection?

Even with the best broadband connection, there are a number of factors that can affect your home wifi experience. The good news is that the solution could be as simple as updating or moving your wifi modem, or using wired connections for your data-hungry devices.

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