1. Bringing fibre to your property

To connect properties such as apartments or units to our fibre network, we have to do some build work in areas that are shared by multiple residents. We need to notify your neighbours of this planned work and, in some instances, we may need them to give consent before getting started.

You may need consent

Consent process for MDUs

Watch this short video to learn more about the consent process for MDUs.

2. Building fibre from the street to your building

We bring fibre from the street into your building, installing equipment (usually in the communications room), and then running fibre throughout the building using existing infrastructure where possible.

Install process for MDUs

Check out this short video to learn more about how we connect an MDU to fibre.

3. Getting you connected

When the work in communal areas of your building is complete, we can connect you.

Agree your install plan

Agree your install plan

We'll come to your place and talk you through the best installation method for your home. You'll need to sign a plan agreeing for Chorus to complete this work.

Build your fibre

Build your fibre

Fibre will be taken from the outside of your unit or apartment and connected to a small box called the optical network terminal or ONT inside your place.

Connect you

Connect you

We then connect your modem to the ONT and test the connection before we leave to make sure everything is working as it should.