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Your address is fibre ready!

The Chorus team is travelling around the country connecting Kiwis to our fast and reliable broadband network.

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Kiwis Are Opting for Fibre

Since 2011 Chorus has been building a new fibre network as part of the biggest telecommunications upgrade New Zealand has ever seen – the ultra-fast fibre broadband (UFB) initiative.

Now over half of New Zealand homes and businesses are connected to fibre, far exceeding initial predictions of only 20% uptake by 2019. The UFB rollout is set to be completed by 2022, with 87% of the country having access to the fibre network.

Chorus wants to get as many households as possible fibre ready and our team is actively contacting those who have fibre at their doorstep, to let them know why now’s a great time to get it installed.

We are Chorus

Why fibre?

Our consumer research shows that fibre has the highest satisfaction and advocacy of any broadband type in New Zealand and it’s no wonder with key benefits including:



Fibre provides a great experience with consistent speeds and no buffering even at the busiest time of day.



Dedicated capacity for your household, so you can watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat on multiple devices, without any loss of quality.



The faster your connection, the faster data moves through it. And with the light-speed of fibre optic cables you can do more in a shorter space of time.

Why now?

Even if you’re not quite ready to sign up to a fibre plan, it’s a good idea to get fibre ready today to future-proof and add value to your property.

A woman talking to a technician

It’s free for most!

At the moment, Chorus is offering standard residential fibre installations for FREE in areas that have fibre in the street.

Fibre customers have the most choice

Some broadband technologies like fixed wireless are limited to specific internet providers. Fibre is offered by over 100 retailers so either you or a future tenant will be able to take advantage of the wide range of deals in market.

For more information on how fibre compares to other broadband options, click here.

A couple looking at their laptop
A couple looking at their laptop

Kiwis are doing more online than ever before

Whether it be streaming television, surfing the web, chatting to friends or working from home – New Zealand homes are using more data than ever before and fibre is well equipped to support this growing level of online activity well into the future.

The installation process

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Agree your install plan

We come to your place and talk you through the best installation plan.


Build your fibre

We build the fibre from the street to a small box on the outside of your house called an external termination point (ETP). You don’t need to be home, but we’ll need to be able to reach you by phone.


Connect you

We then connect the fibre to another small box called the optical network terminal (ONT) inside your house. You will need to be home for this visit as we’ll be working inside.

The fibre installation process

Check out this short video to learn more about the fibre installation process.

For more information on the installation process, click on the link below.

Keen to get your place fibre ready?

Signing up for a fibre installation won’t mean your existing broadband connection will switch off, but it will ensure that you’re able to easily and quickly upgrade to a fibre plan when you’re ready.


Ready to get fibre installed?