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Why should you ask for better broadband?

Put simply, because you deserve the best. Connection reliability, connection speed and the amount of data you have available to create, explore and play will influence the quality of your broadband experience.
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What is broadband?

Put simply, broadband is high-speed internet access. It’s a service that was originally delivered by the copper network - the very same network that connects our phone lines - and we're now in the midst of upgrading New Zealand's broadband infrastructure with the build of our new fibre network.
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Who can help me? Chorus or my broadband provider?

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What is the advantage of being on the Chorus network?

Chorus runs an uncongested, high performance and very secure fibre network.
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How can fibre help create a private, high performing connection between sites?

A large business will often have a requirement for a private network between multiple sites or branches.
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What are the benefits of ‘point to point’ fibre?

Point to point fibre is a dedicated fibre connection between your site and our exchange building.
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What is high traffic class bandwidth and why do I need it?

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What’s possible with enterprise fibre?

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How do I decide which plan is right for my business?

The type of your broadband plan really depends on how dependent your business is on the internet to function and the number of staff you have.
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How do I order a business grade fibre plan?

While Chorus provides the technology, we don’t sell the broadband service directly.
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