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How do I get the best out of my broadband?

The Chorus network works hard to deliver the best broadband service available, but it doesn’t work in isolation. There are a whole host of other things that could be standing in the way of you and a better broadband experience at home. The good news is that many of this things are within your control to change.

Knowing what steps you can take to improve your broadband performance – from upgrading your connection to moving your modem – will give you a much better browsing experience.

Getting the best out of your broadband isn’t just about speed. A combination of the best connection, best plan, and best set up will give you the best experience.

Best connection
Almost two thirds of households on our network could get a better connection, whether fibre or VDSL, but are yet to do so. Our broadband checker will tell you if you fall into this group – if so, it might be time to call your provider to discuss upgrading to a better connection.

Best plan
When looking at broadband connection types and plans, it’s important to think about both how much data you need today, and how much you'll need in another 12 months. Use our data calculator to find out.

Best set up
Getting the best out of your broadband isn’t all about the plan you’re on; even with the best broadband service in the world you can run into issues when getting online. Thankfully, there’s a number of things you can do to make buffering a thing of the past at your place, ranging from the simple to the more complex.