Do I take the ONT power cable with me when I move house?

No. The power cable belongs with the ONT as it’s unable to be used with other devices. If you are moving house please leave the ONT and its power cable behind so the next occupant can connect to fibre.

Is the power cable for your ONT missing?

If you’ve moved into a property that already has fibre but the previous occupant has taken the ONT power cable with them, simply provide us with the information via this form.

Do you need your ONT power cable posted to an alternative address?

If you need your power cable posted to a different address please let us know to make sure it goes to the right place.

Why aren’t the lights on my ONT working?

Your ONT is an electronic device and it needs to be connected to a power supply. If the lights are off check that it’s plugged in correctly and switched on.

 To check all services are connected to the right ports on the bottom of the ONT click here.

I’ve plugged in my ONT but I can’t connect to fibre?

For your fibre connection to work you also need to have a working router connected to a broadband plan. This must be requested through a broadband provider of your choice, check out www.broadbandcompare.co.nz for more information on available plans.

I’m having problems with my broadband fibre connection. What should I do?

If you’re having problems with your broadband connection you should ring your broadband provider and report a fault. They will contact us if they believe a technician’s visit is necessary to fix the fault. The problem could be with our equipment in the exchange, the ONT, or the router supplied by your broadband provider. The lights on the ONT may give you some indication of what the issue is – click here to see what each of the lights on the ONT mean. Turning your ONT off and on is unlikely to fix the problem.