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What is broadband?

Put simply, broadband is high-speed internet access. It’s a service first delivered by the copper network across New Zealand - the very same network that connects our phone lines. In 2011, we started working with the Government to introduce a newer technology, fibre, to build an ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network that has faster speeds and more capacity, creating a platform that has the ability to transform the way we live, socialise, work and play. While fibre is the future of broadband in New Zealand, you can also access the Internet over a copper, wireless or satellite connection.

There’s a number of methods kiwis can use to get online which can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here’s a look at the most common broadband technologies available.

At Chorus, we deliver some of the best broadband technology in the world over our fibre network. Fibre uses fibre optic cable to transport huge amounts of data, via pulses of light, at ultra-fast speeds. Fibre performance doesn’t degrade over distance meaning your broadband speed is consistent.

Copper is our legacy telecommunications network, using existing copper lines to provide phone and broadband services to the country. Chorus provides basic ADSL broadband and part-fibre, part-copper VDSL broadband over the copper network via a dedicated fixed line to your home.

Mobile broadband is great for staying connected when you’re out and about. It uses a wireless connection between the nearest cell tower and your phone to access the Internet. Mobile broadband isn’t available from Chorus; you’ll need an activated SIM card from your chosen mobile provider to get online.

Wireless broadband uses the 4G mobile network to connect to a modem at your house. Because a strong 4G signal is required to get online, wireless isn’t available everywhere. Chorus does not offer wireless broadband.

This is the most effective way to reach remote areas as coverage can extend to anywhere in New Zealand but you will need a satellite dish installed at your property.