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Cabinet art

What health and safety procedures do i need to follow?

A Health and Safety Risk Assessment form to be completed...
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How much paint and materials will be paid for by Chorus?

Chorus will pay reasonable costs (maximum of $150 unless otherwise approved) for the materials...
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How much paint do I need?

Cabinets are usually around 4m 2 total.
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Are there any Health and Safety requirements?

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How do I get paid?

Prior to starting you will need to supply us with your name, address and contact phone number. 
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How do I prepare the cabinet for painting?

You need to remove any paint or posters from the cabinet and then lightly sand the surface before washing it down.
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What is the allocated budget for painting and materials?

For the selected small cabinets the fee is $400 and up to $100 for materials...
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What materials should I use?

We leave this up to artists but you need to bear in mind that spray paints are expensive and may go over the allocated budget. They also don’t have the longevity that standard paint has.

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Do I need to stick to the design?

Yes you do. Any variation on design or colour will need to be approved by Chorus.
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Can I submit a design and do the work with a friend?

Yes you can but there is only one fee so you will need to work that out with your friend.

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