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Consent for multi-dwelling-units (also called MDU)

To connect properties such as apartments or units to our fibre network, we have to do some build work in areas that are shared by multiple residents. We need to notify your neighbours of this planned work and, in some instances, we may need them to give consent before getting started.

What's the  process?
A fibre order triggers the process. First we visit the property to determine what work needs to be completed in common areas to bring our fibre network from the street to your building. Each job is then categorised according to its level of impact.

We'll send a notification pack to all residents in the building, letting them know what category the work is and how we plan on completing it. In some instances, we will require consent before we can begin. 

You can find out more about the categories of work and the notification process here

Pre-consenting means there is reduced lag time between when we receive an order for fibre at your property and when we can start the installation. Typically the install process is triggered by an order being placed, then consents being sought. Only when consents have been received can the installation process begin. However, by pre-consenting your building before an order is placed, we can save time and move more quickly onto the installation.

Complete the Fibre Multi-Dwelling Unit Online Consent Form to pre-consent your property.

Download more information

Download a copy of the MDU agreement