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Disputes resolution process

There is a third party disputes resolution process available if required.

If the work proposed at your place has been classed as a category 1 build, or you disagree with our decision regarding a category 2 build objection, in some instances you are able to take the matter further.

The process is run by a third party, Utilities Disputes Ltd.

There are specific categories for disputes. These are:

  1. You disagree about the category of the proposed build work
  2. You disagree with our decision about a category 2 objection
  3. You believe you have a valid reason to object to the proposed work but it has been classed as a category 1 build
  4. The work has been completed but you don’t believe we’ve properly complied with the build requirements (this may include such things as not returning any disturbed surfaces t their former condition as closely as possible).

For more information, visit utilitiesdisputes.co.nz or call 0800 22 33 40