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Do I need consent to get fibre installed?

To connect properties like apartments or units, or those that share driveways, to our fibre network, we have to do some build work in areas that are shared by multiple residents. This means we need to notify your neighbours and in some cases, we may need to get their consent before starting any work.  

If your property is administered by a body corporate, we’ll contact them directly to manage any necessary consents. You can find more information about the notification and consent process for multi-dwelling units here.

If your property shares a driveway, you’ll find more information about the notification and consent process for shared driveways here.

All work to install fibre at your property is carried out under terms and conditions that permit us to install, maintain and operate the equipment on your premises.

What happens if I’m renting? 

If you rent your home or business premises and want to get fibre broadband installed, you'll need your landlord's approval before we can install it at your place.  Getting your landlord’s approval first is really important. It ultimately protects you, ensuring you aren’t breaching your tenancy terms and potentially forfeiting your bond by getting fibre installed.

The good news is that under new regulations, provided the installation is free (which is the case for most properties) a landlord can only refuse to get fibre installed in very specific circumstances.

Once you've done that, you can find out what’s involved in getting fibre installed here.

At your fibre installation appointment, our technician will ask you to sign an installation agreement which confirms you have the authority to proceed with the installation at the address you are renting. Your landlord doesn't have to attend the appointment, but they may want to. 


Here are some important steps:

  1. Ask your landlord or property manager for written or verbal permission before you order fibre from a broadband provider. Fibre broadband can benefit your landlord as well - check out our blog post here.
  2. It’s really helpful if you can read through our End User Terms in our installation agreement before your appointment. If your landlord or property manager has given you approval, you will sign this on behalf of your landlord. Alternatively, your landlord or property manager may choose to sign it themselves. Either way, it’s a good idea to have the conversation with them well in advance. 


Download more information

Download and read our fibre installation consent and End User Terms


Download and sign the MDU consent form