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Is getting fibre installed going to cost me anything?

In most cases, no. Some apartment buildings and shared driveways do require work outside of a standard residential install and, in those cases, a contribution to the costs is required. If this is case at your property, we will have let you know.

We cover the cost of a standard fibre installation for most residential properties. Our standard installation service includes:

  • Connecting your property to the fibre network in your street via existing infrastructure using one of these options; aerial cable, surface-mounted cable or buried cable by way of existing conduit, soft trenching, slot trenching or hard trenching
  • Reinstating any surfaces that have been disturbed during the installation
  • Installing the external termination point (ETP) on the exterior of the property
  • Installing the optical network terminal (ONT) inside the property
  • Connecting your broadband provider’s modem (if applicable)
  • Testing to make sure everything is working

We consider a standard installation to be a maximum of 200 metres between your boundary and our ETP on your property. If the distance from your boundary to our ETP is more than 200 metres you may need to contribute to the cost of installation. We’ll agree this contribution with you before we begin any work at your place.

Please note Chorus does not cover these costs:

  • Any alternative installation from the road to the property that is not listed in the bullet points above
  • Electrical work to add additional power plugs
  • Moving the ETP or ONT after it has been installed

When is a contribution required?
In some cases the building owner or body corporate may need to contribute to the cost of installing fibre in a building depending on its size and use - residential, commercial or a mix. If the property is three stories or less and has residential tenancies, there's likely to be no contribution needed. If your building is new, it is possible that this has been wired with fibre and no consent or contribution will be required.