Our techs
will always

  • Wear a mask

    Wear a

  • Keep their distance

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What should I do before I dig?

If you're planning to excavate, the last thing you want to do is hit a cable. Please play it safe by using our cable location services to check what's underground before you dig.
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Digging for homeowners

Digging post holes for a new fence? Replacing your driveway? Whenever you dig around your property, please think of our network which may not be too far from the surface. Damaging our cables can severely impact your neighbours and the wider community.
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How do I ensure safer digging

Accidentally digging up a buried cable can be expensive and inconvenient - not just for us, but also for you too. By following a few simple rules, you can avoid cables and the hassle of damaging them.
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What is mechanical protection?

Mechanical protection is installed to protect the power cable or gas pipe from any future digging activity.
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What is trenching?

Trenching can be done by open trenching, direct drilling or thrusting methods. You can save unnecessary work and cost by following a few basic requirements.
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