Digging for homeowners

Digging post holes for a new fence? Replacing your driveway? Whenever you dig around your property, please think of our network which may not be too far from the surface. Damaging our cables can severely impact your neighbours and the wider community.

Damaging our cables can mean:

  • 111 calls can't get through to emergency services
  • Cellphone towers may be cut off from the network
  • Businesses lose telephone, internet, email and EFTPOS services
  • Residential customers are similarly impacted but may also lose access to medical and security alarms

If you're doing any work around the boundaries of your property or think there may be cables passing underground, please visit beforeUdig.co.nz to check. You can request free network plans and/or trigger the cable location service through the website.

A minimum fee of $99 +GST is charged for all on-site cable locations but using this service provides peace of mind that you’ve covered all you’re bases before you start digging. Charges do not apply if the cables on your property are found to be Chorus core network distribution cables.