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Your crew has finished work in my street, so why can’t I get fibre yet?

You’ve seen the Chorus van and crew working hard laying fibre in your street.  They’ve now finished work and moved on, but fibre’s still not available to order at your place yet. So, why not? Fibre is rolled out by cabinet area – made up of around 130 premises - rather than street by street.  It can take up to 14 weeks to build our fibre network in a cabinet area, and once that’s done there’s still some further administration and testing work we need to do before you can place an order with your broadband provider.  This administration and testing work takes around six weeks after build completion. All of this work needs to be completed before anyone in the cabinet area can place a fibre order so if yours was one of the first premises we were working outside of, it may seem like you’ve had to wait a little longer.

When testing is complete in your area, we’ll let you know that fibre’s available and ready to order. Have a look at our Broadband Map if you want more information about the build roll-out past your place. And if you’d like more information on how we bring our fibre network from the street to your house once you have ordered, check out some of the other articles in our fibre installation section.