Is the installation process different for different property types?

Yes. As every property is unique, we need to approach installation in a variety of ways. Also, the installation process we follow depends on the type of property you live in. 

If your home is on its own section and you don’t share a driveway (we call this a single-dweeling unit or SDU), the installation should be relatively straightforward.

If your property is an apartment, retirement home, office block or multi-use block, it is most likely a multi-dwelling unit or MDU. If you share a driveway or live in an apartment or in a gated community you could be classified as a right-of-way, or ROW. In these cases, there's a few extra steps involved. 

Fibre installation process for SDU
If your home is classified as a SDU, we typically follow our standard ABC installation process

Fibre installation process for MDU
If you live, or work, in a multi-dwelling unit, in some instances we’ll need consent from neighbours or other parties before we can begin to install. You can find more information about the MDU installation process here

Fibre installation process for ROW
If you are living in a property with a shared driveway, you may need to get consent from your neighbours in the driveway before we can start work. You can find more information about the ROW installation process here