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From broadband availability to property development, find a tool or service to help you get the most out of our world-class fibre broadband network.

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A missing ONT cable
A missing ONT cable

Order a free replacement power cable for your Chorus fibre box.

Replace your ONT power cable
Developing a new property
Developing a new property

Get fast fibre broadband connected your new section or property development.

Start your application
Resolving workmanship problems
Resolving workmanship problems

Dissatisfied with the quality of your installation? Request for Chorus to assess the problem.

Report a problem
Report damage to our network
Report damage to our network

Contact Chorus to report damage to our network, including cables, cabinets, plinths and poles.

Report damage
Make a billing enquiry
Make a billing enquiry

Contact us if you have any questions about an invoice from Chorus.

Submit billing enquiry
Request a high load permit
Request a high load permit

Moving a large structure by road? Apply to have your permit requirements assessed.

Submit a request
Granting consent to install fibre
Granting consent to install fibre

Submit your consent to install fast fibre broadband in your right of way or cross lease or get pre-consent for a shared property.

Grant consent for a right of way Pre-consenting for multiple dwelling units


Contact your phone or broadband provider first to log a problem. If the issue is related to our network, your provider will then log a job with us and we will work with them to fix the problem.
Have a look at our map of broadband providers in your area, then contact your preferred provider to order phone or broadband services.
Please contact your broadband provider and they will advise your confirmed appointment or alter the date and time.

The Chorus network is typically built to the boundary of your property, your builder or electrician will need to lay green telecommunications pipe from the boundary to the external termination point (ETP) on the house. We’ll provide and install the ETP. Once that’s done, we will then install an Optical Network Terminator (ONT) inside the house to connect your property to our fibre network.

To find out more about the exact specifications that need to be followed when wiring a new home see here.

The quickest way for us to process your reinstatement request is to email us. Please complete all the fields in the form as requested and supply photos of the area to be reinstated.
Please either fill out an online consent form here or the address provided on your form.
We welcome feedback on all aspects of our service. Please send us your feedback here

There are 3 easy ways to pay Chorus.

Direct Credit
Bank Details: Chorus Ltd

To ensure we match your payment to your account please include your account name and customer number in the particulars / reference fields when paying by direct credit.

Credit Card
Pay online.

If you choose to pay by credit card you will incur an additional fee of 2% inclusive GST.

International bank transfer
Swiftcode: ANZBNZ22

Payment remittances can be emailed to

Your first port of call should be your broadband provider. If you are unsure who this is, it's the company you pay your phone or broadband account to, or you can get in touch with Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR).

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