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What is a cable locate?

What is a cable locate?

A cable locate is an onsite service, marking the location of the underground assets and service cables. Chorus technicians can only locate Chorus Network. You will need to contact all other utilities for their services.

A cable locate can be requested at the same time you request the underground plans at beforeudig.co.nz or you can call 0800 248 344 and they will be able to process your request for underground plans/cable locates on behalf of Chorus.

On-site cable locates

Prior to digging, please make sure you have our up to-date underground plans. If our plan(s) shows our network in the area where you plan to dig, we recommend that you play it safe and request an on-site cable location by a qualified Chorus asset locator to accurately mark where our network is.

A minimum fee of $174 plus GST is charged for all on-site cable locations. If it takes longer than one-hour, additional time is charged at $44 plus GST for every 15 minutes thereafter. Prices effective from 1st April 2024. However, if the cables are shown to be our core distribution cables and are on private property and/or your neighbour's service lead runs through your property, we'll mark these out free of charge. 

After-hours locates

If you require a locate after our business hours please call 0800 111 124 to organise. Please note that additional locate charges apply to any locate outside of business hours and weekends.

Important information: There is an increasing number of independent asset location companies in operation throughout New Zealand. We do not endorse the quality or accuracy of the cable location work by these firms and assume no liability for any damages that occur as a result. 

More information about digging and cable locates can be found: