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Our network

Our network in a nutshell

The core of our business is the nationwide network of fibre optic and copper cables connecting homes and businesses together.
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Building our network

Chorus is managing the lion’s share of the ultra-fast fibre broadband network build. The size of the job means the rollout across the country is staggered, and but we’re working suburb by suburb, town by town, to deliver better broadband to New Zealanders.
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Are faults common on copper?

Like all infrastructure, there are occasional faults on our copper network.
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Is Chorus switching the copper network off?

At this stage, no we’re not.
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Is Chorus investing in fibre instead of maintaining copper?

We’re investing in both
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How do I log a fault?

The first step is to contact your phone or broadband service provider.
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Why is my broadband a lot slower than usual?

There are a number of factors outside of our network that can impact the online experience you get at your place.
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Why does the Chorus site display different outage events to my broadband or phone provider?

The Chorus network services 1.74 million fixed line connections in New Zealand. Your services may be delivered across the Chorus network or via another network along with your broadband or phone service provider.
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Upgrading our network

Our fibre network continues growing rapidly with about 1,761,000 fixed line connections and 1,223,000 broadband connections. We exciting programmes in place to ensure our continuous growth.
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How to identify our network

Berms are used by a range of utility companies (power, gas and water) and other telecommunication network operators, all of whom have equipment in place to deliver your services.
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