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How to identify our network

We've included photos below of some of our network parts to help you find them. Please be aware, for historical reasons, many of our parts have Telecom identification. If the part you want to move has Telecom printed or embossed on it, it's most likely ours.

Most of our network is underground so if you're planning earthworks, please ensure you use our beforeUdig service to find any underground cables and avoid potential damage.


There are numerous versions of plinths used in our network and we will continue to build our photo library. 

Chorus may own some of the poles in your street, or they may belong to the electricity lines company. If the pole also carries power lines you'll need to contact the electricity lines company.

If you're moving a high load (above 4.25m) and need us to temporarily move our network, fill out our online form for a High Load Permit.

We do not replace manholes often and some may have Telecom branding on them. These are likely to be owned by Chorus.