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Rural broadband

What is RBI?

The Rural Broadband Initiative, or RBI, is now complete and has delivered better broadband to rural schools, health providers, some libraries and tens of thousands of residents up and down the country.
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What if I’m subdividing or building a new property?

Chorus has an existing process to help people who are developing a property to get fibre installed.
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Who do I ask about getting fibre?

If you have used our broadband checker and seen that fibre isn’t available or planned in your area, you need to...
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How much does it cost to get fibre installed if I'm outside the Chorus network?

The cost will vary on a case-by-case basis, often depending on your proximity to the fibre network and legacy infrastructure.
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What if I’m trying to connect an object rather than a home or office property?

Chorus has experience in installing fibre to a range of structures requiring connectivity, regardless of whether they have an existing address or not.
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What are all my options if the property I wish to connect is currently outside the fibre network footprint?

If you have used our broadband checker and seen that Chorus fibre isn’t available or planned in your area anytime soon, then there are options for a customised installation.
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Why am I outside the fibre network?

Due to various factors...
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What is the UFB footprint?

'UFB’ stands for ultra-fast broadband, which is delivered to connected homes and businesses by fibre.
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What are my rural broadband options?

Where new infrastructure has been laid as part of the RBI rollout, we can now offer fibre connections to eligible farms, businesses and homes.
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How does distance impact broadband connections?

On our copper network, a broadband signal can be delivered within a 6km radius, but its performance degrades the further your connection is from the exchange or cabinet.
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