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Can electric fences affect my broadband connection?

Electric fences do not interfere with a fibre broadband connection. However, if you are on a copper connection, incorrectly earthed electric fences can interfere with your phone lines and can cause slow internet or disconnections.

It can be difficult to work out what or who is causing the problem as the fence at fault can affect your broadband connection or your neighbour’s, even if they live several kilometres away. If you need help finding a fault, here’s a handy checklist to get you started:

  • Find the phone lines – both overhead and buried. BeforeUdig will help pinpoint underground cables
  • Find the electric fences and connecting leads – these tend to run parallel to phone lines or cables
  • Check the current in your fence – this should be less than 2amps per kilometre of fence. Locate and fix any shorts
  • High currents should be as far from the phone cable as possible – feed the main supply through the sections of the fence furthest from the phone cable
  • Check earthing system – this needs to be at least 10m from buildings or any other earthing system. Ensure energiser earth electrode connection lead and output leads are clear of phone lines.

More information on setting up electric fences correctly can be found on Gallagher’s website.