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What are all my options if the property I wish to connect is currently outside the fibre network footprint?

If you have used our broadband checker and seen that Chorus fibre isn’t available or planned in your area anytime soon, then there are options for a customised installation. This is where Chorus will extend our network at a cost to reach individual homes, business farms and communities.

If you don’t wish to pay to get fibre installed and you live within 6km from our exchange or cabinet, we can still deliver broadband through the existing copper network. The closer you are to the cabinet the faster the service - if you are close to one of our fibre-fed cabinets you could get speeds over 100Mbps.

If fibre or copper broadband are not an option, see if you can access the broadband solution as part of the Rural Broadband Initiative by following the below steps

  • Google your region’s wireless broadband providers who may be able to help
  • consider a satellite broadband service like Farmside or Wireless Nation
  • work with your local community to identify opportunities created by the fibre connection to the local school in your area