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Wiring for broadband

Home wiring for contractors

Ensure you deliver home wiring that makes the most of the new ultra-fast broadband network for your clients. Poor home wiring is one of the leading factors impacting on broadband performance. Cat6 cabling installed in a star wiring configuration is ideal.
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Who will install wiring for fibre broadband if I'm building a new house?

The Chorus network is typically built to the boundary of your property.
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What is involved in cable installation?

The green telecommunications pipe is laid when the builder/developer has the services trench open and can be laid by the builder or electrician.
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What is an underground lead-in pipe?

A lead-in pipe is needed to get the network cable from the point on the boundary where our network terminates to where the internal cabling needs to connect to our network.
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Business wiring requirements

Your cabling requirements are dependent on the size and complexity of your business.
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Wiring for homeowners

If you are building or renovating, ensure that you can access the best possible broadband services over our new fibre or existing copper networks.
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