A High Load Permit may be required if you are moving large structures by road. Typical high loads include houses, boats, machinery, and industrial structures.  When transporting any load over 4.30m high but lower than 5.0m, the transporting vehicle must carry a written permission from Chorus to travel under any lines the load cannot pass under.  For loads over 5m written permission for any Chorus lines the high load passes under.

  • For Loads up to 4.30 metres high: No written approval is required from Chorus.

  • For Loads between 4.30 and 5.0 metres high:  The High Load Operator is to confirm any obstructions which is any network impacted on the route. If the route is not clear, then you must contact Chorus and we will manage the obstructions for which a charge will apply.

  • For Loads over 5.0 metres high: The High Load Operator is to confirm any network the load cannot pass under.  Where Chorus network is on the route, upon notification, by the High Load Operator, Chorus will check the network that has been identified on the proposed route and if the load is clear to the height required, an approval letter will be issued.  If the route is not clear, we will arrange an escort and manage the obstructions for which a charge will apply. 

If the High Load Operator identifies network that the load cannot pass under and Chorus has to manage the obstruction in order for the load to proceed or an escort is required charges will apply, these are normally charged on a time, materials, and vehicle basis.

If  you would like an approval letter to travel or a quote for an indication of costs, please submit an application form or call us on 0800 822 003

Once we have received your application we will determine if an escort is required, if the proposed route is free from obstructions a High Load approval letter will be issued stating no escort required.  If the proposed route is NOT free from obstructions we will issue the approval letter stating that an escort is required and manage the obstructions identified.

A copy of the approval letter will be emailed to you and it must be carried by the transporting vehicle.

If you have any issues with this form please call us on 0800 822 003 or email us.

This application must be submitted with a minimum of 5 clear working days’ notice.  All loads may be subject to a route check.

High load approval request