Getting the best out of your broadband

The Chorus network works hard to deliver the best broadband service available, but it doesn’t work in isolation. There are a whole host of other things that could be standing in the way of you and a better broadband experience at home. The good news is that many of these this things are within your control to change. Knowing what steps you can take to improve your broadband performance – from upgrading your connection to moving your modem – will give you a much better browsing experience.

Get the best from your WiFi

You can buy the best broadband service in the world and still have a weak WiFi signal. There are things you can do to improve it.

Check your speed

Ever wondered how fast your broadband is really going? Here’s our tips on running a speed-test to find out.

100Mbps or more

When signing up for fibre, you’ll select your plan based on both data allowances and speed. Find out why we recommend at least 100Mbps.

The install process

Once fibre has been laid in your street, high speed broadband is at your fingertips. Every property is unique, so there are a number of different ways we can install fibre and there may be a few extra steps involved in getting you connected.

Go faster with Fibre Pro

Fibre Pro is the best home broadband available on our fibre network, combining the best broadband technology with the fastest residential plan available.

Better speed

Internet speed is all about how much data you can download in one second and, whichever your connection, there’s many things that can impact it.

Check out our handy broadband tools

Broadband checker

Are you one of the 1.3 million kiwis who could get better broadband right now? Use our broadband checker to find out.


Data calculator

Do you know how much data you’re using? Use our calculator to estimate how much data you’re using now and may need in the future.


Providers map

While Chorus provides the technology, we don’t sell broadband services directly. Check our map to find for broadband providers in your area.


Broadband map

Enter your address in our Broadband Map to see current and future Broadband availability in your area.


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