Waiting for the bus

Theresa Zebe and Sophia Porter

Two Hastings students have achieved their goal of creating a mural on their local cabinet.

Last year Theresa Zebe and Sophia Porter put in their submission and their design was chosen by the local council for our cabinet in Heretaunga St East.

They say: "We are two girls from the Taikura Steiner School in Hastings, Sophia Porter and Theresa Zebe, and we are 15 years old.

"Our mural shows a little kid next to a bus stop since the cabinet is right next to one. It is a sunny day and the child is holding a frog.

"We made that design to reflect the good weather in Hastings and, because of the primary school next door, we painted the little kid as the person waiting for the bus."

Left side

Right side


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