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Download up to 1,000Mbps
Upload up to 500Mbps


The Gig is the best residential broadband connection available in New Zealand on our fibre network. You can upgrade to a Gig plan now if your property is within reach of our fibre network. To make the most of these great speeds, contact your broadband service provider.



Download up to 200Mbps
Upload up to 200Mbps


Twice as fast as 100Mbps fibre, this speedy residential broadband service on our fibre network is suitable for large households wanting to watch listen, play, post, download large files, work and chat all at the same time without any loss of quality of buffering.



Download up to 100Mbps
Upload up to 100Mbps


A great residential broadband service for average households with multiple users and devices. More than three times faster than 30Mbps, it’s suitable for streaming multiple HD or ultra-HD videos on demand simultaneously.



Download up to 30Mbps
Upload up to 10Mbps


The basic fibre offering on our fibre network for smaller households. On 30Mbps it’s suitable for streaming an HD movie while surfing the net or emailing, but you may experience a degraded service with multiple people streaming and downloading content simultaneously.



Download up to 70Mbps*
Upload up to 20Mbps


VDSL is the best broadband service on the copper network. Not every line will achieve 70Mbps, as your broadband speed is affected by the network configuration and by how close your property is located to a cabinet or exchange. The average sync rate for VDSL technology across the Chorus broadband network is currently 50Mbps. To find out more about VDSL speeds on the Chorus network see here

*The potential VDSL sync rate at your address cannot currently be accurately predicted before you connect. We are working to provide you with this information. 



Download up to 24Mbps
Upload up to 1Mbps


ADSL2+ is available to properties located within a 7km radius from a broadband cabinet. It delivers faster speeds than the basic ADSL service but performance can be influenced by a number of factors - the length of the line and cable size; the configuration of your broadband service and your home wiring.



Download up to 2Mbps
Upload up to 1Mbps


The most basic broadband connection available on the copper network, this entry level offering is suitable for web browsing and email.

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  • Broadband checker accuracy

    If the result you’re seeing on our broadband checker doesn’t look quite right, or if we cannot find your address, please send us an email.

    If you’d like to learn more about how the Chorus sync rate works, see here.

    Potential services and speed are not guaranteed until connected. Please consult with your preferred broadband provider to confirm what services are available at your address.

  • Roll out dates
    • Rollout dates and locations are indicative only and may be subject to change. Call your broadband provider to confirm availability.
    • Our map shows indicative dates to give you an idea of when upgraded services may be available. The UFB and RBI projects are a massive undertaking and a number of external influences can cause delays such as poor weather conditions and local council negotiations and approvals.
    • The rollout is completed by cabinet area, not street, so while you may be able to get fibre, your neighbour may need to wait a little longer while we finish the job.