Network Build Update

We continue to make ongoing improvements and upgrades to the Chorus network around the country. The largest upgrade and deployment is now part of the UFB and Rural Broadband Initiative programmes.

We operate an open access network. We work with many different phone and internet service providers and we want information on our fibre rollout and cabinet upgrades publicly available.

These are very technical documents and files. If you are looking for information on when fibre is coming to your street or what broadband services are currently available visit our Network Capability Map. This tool has been built on this technical information.

Chorus' UFB Rollout Information

If you are looking for information on when UFB is coming to your street, visit our UFB Rollout Map. Please note that to date we have only released Year 1 to Year 3 information. We are anticipating releasing Year 4 early in the new year.

We have moved the POI spreadsheets and UFB shape files to the secure customer section. If you do not have a login email us.

Chorus' RBI Rollout Information

The RBI rollout focusing on delivering fibre to priority entities such as schools and medial facilities. Based around the rollout of fibre to these we are installing cabinets in rural areas which will provide a DSL-based service.

Our Network Capability Map gives you a good idea where cabinets are being delivered each year. More information on our RBI rollout including cabinet lists and shape files are available on our Rural Broadband Initiative page and a list of schools is available at Fibre to Schools.

Unbundled Low Frequency Copper Service (UCLFS) Availability

The UCLF Service enables access to the low frequency in Chorus’ copper Local Loop Network that connects the end-user’s building to the handover point in Chorus’ exchange.

The list contains the exchanges and cabinets through which UCLFS is available.

UCLFS availability is the same as Baseband Copper. Go to the Baseband product page for the list. You need to login to access. 

SLES, Baseband Copper and UCLFS Withdrawal Schedule

We are providing a regular update of indicative withdrawal dates for roadside cabinets where the copper feeder, supporting Sub Loop Extension Service (SLES), Baseband Copper and Unbundled Low Frequency Service (UCLFS) is to be removed.

This schedule will be updated on a quarterly basis with the intention of providing a forecast for a twelve-month period.

Please ensure you are prepared and have made alternative arrangements for any connections using these services as they will be no longer available from the dates in this schedule.

Cabinet migration schedule

Chorus is providing a regular update of indicative customer migration dates for new roadside cabinets.  This schedule will be updated on a weekly basis with the intention of providing a forecast for a two-month period.

In addition a list of alternate Cabinet IDs is provided where the original planned ID differs to the final ID.

Cabinetisation notices and forecasts

Chorus' plans for cabinetisation are detailed in the documents below, as required by the UCLL and UCLL Co-location Standard Terms Determinations. 

This includes the most recent Cabinetisation Forecast and Cabinetisation Notice provided under clause 38.9-38.15 of the General Terms of the Determinations.

Please note that this document includes cabinets equipped with either ADSL or ADSL2+ capable equipment (see column J for clarification).  The dates listed for cabinetisation and cessation of supply do not necessarily indicate the actual date when customers will benefit from cabinet upgrades.  This may be up to 90 days after the date listed.

Distribution cabinet information notice

A distribution cabinet is equipped with power and other support services which, when equipment is installed in the cabinet and/or associated pedestal, DSL services are able to be provided to one or more end users.

We provided regular updates regarding distribution cabinets under the Standard Terms Determination for Sub Loop Unbundling. A forecast of distribution cabinets likely to be commissioned within the next 12 months is also provided.

Please note that the distribution cabinet information provided reflects Chorus' current records. Chorus will update the information to correct any errors as they are identified. Service providers are responsible for ensuring that they use the most recent information available, which will be the version accessible from this webpage.

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