Network relocation service

Our network is made up of many components such as wires, fibre, ducts, cabinets, manholes, pillars and poles which have often existed for a long time but sometimes affect new developments. If you're planning a new driveway or subdividing your section and part of our network is in the way, we offer you a network relocation service.

If you don't currently have a phone and broadband provider, please call us on 0800 4 NETWORK (0800 463 896) and press '3' to request the Network Relocation Service.

If you're a builder or developer, you should also call 0800 4 NETWORK.

If you're planning a subdivision, contact The Subdivisions Group who offer you specific services for new developments.

When you call

It'll speed up the process if you can tell us:

  1. What network element needs to be moved? We've included photos below to help you identify it and determine if it's part of our network. Note any identification numbers.
  2. Is the network element on private property?
  3. Why do you need the element moved?
  4. Are you the property owner? If not, providing the owner's name and contact details would help us keep things moving.

When we receive your request

One of our service technicians will visit your site to assess what needs to be moved and the amount of work involved. We'll provide a quote for the relocation cost valid for 30 days. Once payment is received, we'll start the work.

Identifying our network 

Berms are used by a range of utility companies (power, gas and water) and other telecommunication network operators, all of whom have equipment in place to deliver your services.

We've included photos below of some of our network parts to help you find them. Please be aware, for historical reasons, many of our parts have Telecom identification. If the part you want to move has Telecom printed or embossed on it, it's most likely ours.

Most of our network is underground so if you're planning earthworks, please ensure you use our beforeUdig service to find any underground cables and avoid potential damage.


Fibre to the node (FTTN) cabinet - copper network
Fibre to the node (FTTN) cabinet with mural
UFB (Fibre to the premise - FTTP) cabinet - fibre network (green)
UFB (Fibre to the premise - FTTP) cabinet - fibre network (beige)


There are numerous versions of plinths used in our network and we will continue to build our photo library. 

Plinth - fibre network
Plinth - The black box is for electricity


Chorus may own some of the poles in your street, or they may belong to the electricity lines company. If the pole also carries power lines you'll need to contact the electricity lines company.

If you're moving a high load (above 4.25m) and need us to temporarily move our network, fill out our online form for a High Load Permit.


We do not replace manholes often and some may have Telecom branding on them. These are likely to be owned by Chorus.

Copper cable jointing pit
Fibre cable jointing pit