Fibre to rural communities

Our main focus in RBI is delivering fibre to rural schools, libraries, cell sites, hospitals and medical facilities. To achieve this as efficiently as possible, we've leveraged our existing network and only built new duct infrastructure to reach these priority users.

Fibre is also available to eligible farms, homes, businesses and marae adjacent to new duct routes indicated on the below map. Search your address to see if you can access fibre and talk to a broadband provider about availability, plans and installation costs

The cost of the work involved in connecting you to fibre depends on:

  • Density of properties in an area
  • Distance from the exchange or cabinet
  • Distance of the premises from the road

You can only connect to RBI fibre in areas where we have dug trenches and installed new ducts. You'll need a trench dug from the road to your premises. If this is longer than 10 - 15 metres, you may prefer to do this yourself to an acceptable standard so we can place our fibre there.

More complex builds require a design and price on application approach. Your broadband provider can discuss these costs with you which can vary e.g. a rural town adjacent to the fibre will be cheaper to connect than a farm outside of town.

Search your address to see RBI fibre access

Please note:

  • The map gives an indication of our network capability so you'll need a broadband provider that offers services over our network.
  • The map shows fibre currently available not the full fibre rollout under RBI.
  • There will be installation costs which your broadband provider will provide. Work will not begin until you accept the costs. You can provide your own trenching but we need to inspect it before going ahead with the install.
  • Installation involves getting fibre from the roadside into your property and includes an external termination point (ETP) outside and an optical network terminal (ONT) inside your property.
  • The service and speed you'll get depends on your broadband provider and location.