Our people

Chorus is more than just fibre, copper, cabinets and exchanges. Most importantly, it's a team of dedicated people focused on going the last mile to ensure New Zealanders have the communication services they need.

Careers at Chorus

Help build New Zealand's fibre future by becoming part of Chorus. We're looking for people who are motivated to perform at their very best and dedicated to delivering our commitments to our customers and stakeholders.

"Never take your eye off engagement. The moment you do is the moment you start to lose it."

Chorus Chief Executive Officer Mark Ratcliffe

Our people genuinely enjoy coming to work - our engagement surveys tell us so. With 80 - 85% engagement, we rate in the high performance category.

We've been awarded Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation for the last three years running - an incredible achievement we're very proud of! Accreditation is not only based on how we build and maintain an engaging environment but also our committed leadership, performance culture and differentiated employee brand.

Being a Best Employer not only helps us attract and retain great people but also delivers real benefits to our business.

Join our team

We're not just looking for technical people, we thrive on diversity and it's what helps us do our job.

We're looking for people who want to be part of something special and work hard. We have a big job to do and each of us turns up for work and plays our part everyday.

The rewards are big - connecting Kiwis to a fibre future, helping businesses grow, letting our kids learn at 100Mbps and bringing our farmers closer to the people who buy their products.

If you want to join us in delivering better broadband to Kiwis, keep your eye on the roles we advertise below. Roll up your sleeves and join the team!

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Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation

Chorus has been recognised as the Best of the Best, out of almost 150 companies, in the Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation, the most credible study of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. This is Chorus’ fourth consecutive accreditation as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer, and first as Best of the Best.

Each year organisations across Australia and New Zealand achieve Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation status. These organisations not only record high employee engagement scores but deliver outstanding people practices.

Of these accredited organisations, one is selected by an expert judging panel to receive Best of the Best accreditation. This organisation is seen to have excelled at delivering an exceptionally positive workplace experience for employees, and is recognised as the most outstanding employer in Australia and New Zealand.

Chorus' employee engagement sits at 82% in 2015

Almost 150 companies throughout New Zealand and Australia were involved in the 2015 accreditation process. This involves an employee engagement survey, an inventory of people and business practices and interviews with the CEO and HR team.

How we achieve high engagement

Never take your eye off engagement. The moment you do is the moment you start to lose it.

Mark Ratcliffe, Chorus CEO

Transparency and communication is a vital component to engagement. There are a number of initiatives to ensure Chorus people know what is going on:

  • Heartbeat - a daily company-wide conference call covering what's happening day-to-day
  • The Daily Hum - an intranet-based news that publishes at least two stories a day about activities and people
  • Bi-monthly videos from our CEO - delivering key messages
  • Chorus Day - an annual event that brings together all employees 

Download copies of the 2015 and 2014 case studies on why we achieved Best Employer status:

Our values and culture

Chorus is a very straightforward, no nonsense type of company. We're not flashy, we work in the background. We just get on with doing our job, delivering UFB and RBI, and keeping our existing network humming along. Our approach to our job is reflected in our values.

We believe in the 'us' in Chorus 


  • Trust and have each others backs
  • There is no "I" in Chorus
  • We sort it out, it's not about the blame
  • We take the time to listen
  • DDTT - don't diss the team-mates

Power in our differences

  • Everyone has a part to play
  • Strength in our differences
  • We value what you do, no matter who you are
  • Freedom to be you

Meaningful work and making a difference

  • We take what we do seriously and have fun doing it
  • We are surrounded by smart and passionate people
  • We enjoy our work because of the challenge it brings and the solutions it produces
  • People are generous with their time and knowledge

We speak up, front up, step up 

No spin

  • Constructive criticism builds trust
  • We share as much as we can, as soon as we can
  • No politics, no game playing
  • Calling each other out when need be
  • We keep it real

We keep our word

  • We deal with curve balls (and we know we are going to get them)
  • Ownership - we take responsibility and accountability
  • Chorus people are present
  • We do what we say we'll do

We get our hands dirty

  • We're a company that's got guts
  • We don't wait for the snow to melt before we fix the cable
  • We have the courage to lead
  • Give trust as well as expect to be trusted
  • People muck in when something needs to be done

Keep it simple, make it excellent 

We do the fundamentals flawlessly 

  • Clarity, not checklists. Parameters, not prescription
  • Pride in avoiding rework - do it once, do it right
  • We don't do mediocre around here
  • Experience without arrogance
  • Small enough and big enough
  • We hit our numbers
  • Fiscally fantastic

Continuous improvement helps us build for the future

  • We play a long game, responsibility to future generations
  • Able to shape our own landscape - we shape our future
  • We don't tell you how to suck eggs, but occasionally we'll remind you
  • When we reach the bar, we raise the bar
  • We make complex things easier
  • Stop doing the dumb stuff

Who are we?

We're a mixed bunch at Chorus and we like it that way. From our Board down, we value diversity. We believe having a team of individuals working together who all have different experiences, views and self-reflections makes us a stronger and better organisation.

Valuing diversity is more than a moral imperative; it is also sensible business practice.

We believe in inclusion, the recognition that diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives leads to greater creativity and perfomance, contributes to a more meaningful relationship with our customers and stakeholders, and ultimately leads to increased value to our shareholders.

Prue Flacks and Anne Urlwin are Chorus Board members meaning 28% of our Board are women, well ahead of the NZX average of 14%.

Chorus is a funder of DiverseNZ, a collaboration project with support from the New Zealand public and private sectors to harness the economic benefit, business gain and GDP uplift that results from diverse leadership and diversity of thought.

We value diversity of ideas and we all go through a working preference measure to help us understand our colleagues and work together better.

We have a Diversity and Inclusiveness policy and our Board has set the following measurable objectives for achieving greater diversity at Chorus:

Health and safety

We're committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our people (employees and contractors), partners and customers.

"Keeping our people and our environment safe is our priority"

Chorus Chief Executive Officer Mark Ratcliffe

This means:

  • a zero tolerance for major injuries and fatalities.
  • no business objective prioritised over the safety of any person.
  • all employees have a responsibility to keep themselves safe, to actively look out for the safety of others and to speak up early if they have any concerns.

We achieve this by:

  • excellent health and safety leadership throughout the whole organisation.
  • caring about our people, our service partners, customers, visitors and the public.
  • respecting the right to go home safe and the early return to work of any injured employee.
  • positively encouraging participation by all our people so we capture everyone's experiences and feedback.
  • continuously improving our health and safety management system.
  • proactively identifying hazards and taking all reasonable practical steps to eliminate or minimise risks.
  • collaborating with our business partners to have shared commitment to excel in health and safety leadership and practices.
  • continuously monitoring and reviewing our performance on a backwards and forward looking basis so we can track our progress.
  • accurately reporting and applying our learning culture to any incidents.
  • meeting our legal obligations in relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, industry standards and accreditation compliance.